With Great Power: The Role and Responsibility of Design in Advertising

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The Outline and Execution Top-tier design communicates your brand, reflecting the identity of your business. When it comes to a campaign’s development the visual design assumes the role of facilitator, as the marketplace is saturated with an overload of bright imagery, stimulation, and standout artwork. In order to ensure your business stakes its claim, your advertisement’s design must make a clear statement, pulling the audience’s focus through meaning as well as aesthetic value. Moving design has an honest intention in mind; creative choices must be motivated by specific desire and action. The simple “it looks cool” is not enough to justify your development decisions. An advertisement’s artistry ties up the loose ends bringing the headline, body-copy, and imagery together in the name of the brand. Your design must reflect your campaign’s statement as a whole. Delivering to the market a clear, visually pleasing picture of your company’s worth. In a nutshell, design is beauty backed by message. A Diverse Presence The role of a designer extends far beyond active advertising. More than just colors and shapes on a page, the best designers truly make the process of interaction with your business easier. A clean artistic scheme affords your brand flexibility, ensuring that the mark of your company can be left across the board. According to Jared Spool, CEO of User Interface Engineering, brands are based off perceptions, which guide clients towards and away from businesses. How the individual regards your company impacts whether or not they will choose to interact with it. Clear, well-executed design provides the consumer-base something to grasp and retain. The Visual Teaching Alliance reports that 65% of the population register as visual learners, where information recognition is determined not by words but by tangible, visual appeal. In this light, compelling design becomes that much more critical as strong, inspired imagery sears your brand into the audience’s memory. Consistent, high-quality design not only retains clients, it attracts them. Reliable, attractive design choices convey a sense of trust in your company for, as your visual schema remains loyal to your market identity, so too will your devotion to high-quality service. The Website: Unlocking Success Through Design In today’s digital age a crisp site construction is imperative; Spool’s research indicates that a company’s web-design pays dividends towards the market’s attitude of your business. By implementing elements of ease and accessibility into your site, a designer has the power to skyrocket the public’s view of your prospective business. Your brand’s design truly has the capacity to widen the gap between you and your competitors. When executive and small business consulting firm thinc.small looked to establish itself in the Austin marketplace, Screamer Co. was there. Armed with creativity and understanding, our team built thinc.small’s brand from the ground up, placing the firm under a microscope and defining the company’s unique identity. Working closely with founder and principal of thinc.small; Tim Lee, Screamer Co. was able to devise a brand that showcases Lee’s experience as both a lawyer and a C-level executive. For what separates thinc.small is the firm’s ability to tackle every obstacle of executive management. Be it through business plan guidance, risk analysis, or legal protection of assets, thinc.small maximizes the growth of its clients’ companies, clearing out the clutter that prevents a small business from the realization of its vision. With a clear character now defined, Screamer Co. developed a brand advocating thinc.small as an “executive’s edge,” a true business and legal leg-up in the economic landscape. Translating the headline to the firm’s website revamp, our art director created a site reflecting the no-nonsense approach of thinc.small. The incorporation of razor-sharp edge design and clean transitions put a face to the name and assertions of the firm, allowing potential clients to witness with ease the prospect for progress thinc.small provides. Building a brand is no simple task. It necessitates consistency, creativity and above all else, connection. Ensuring these three facets come together requires a foundation of meaningful, unique design. Advertising is an art form, with the singular advertisement or website acting as the designer’s canvas. No matter the artistic medium, the final product must have something to say, materializing emotion in the audience and rousing action within them through powerful, intuitive imagery. Debunking your company’s brand design can be a little tricky and often requires you run your aesthetic choices through the proverbial ringer. Luckily, we’ve provided an entertaining Design Dissection exercise to ensure your talents transition between artwork, meaning, and brand.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width="1/3"][vc_column_text disable_pattern="true" align="left" margin_bottom="0"]

Are your graphic skills up to snuff? Download our design dissection exercise to see if you have the moxie.

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