User Experience: Navigating Your Consumer

As advertising shifts more into the digital realm, it’s important for businesses to be deliberate in their use of media that provide us a “user experience.” It can be tempting to create an app simply to jump on the bandwagon, but an app won’t do anything for your business if its creation is arbitrary.

When it comes to websites, apps, and other similar media, it’s vital that they serve a specific purpose. A website, for example, must be designed effectively so that users are directed efficiently to a certain end goal, such as submitting contact information or making a purchase. If a specific goal is not accomplished by the medium, then its existence is a waste.

Additionally, online and digital media must create a positive association between the consumer and the brand. The user experience “has to be something that people enjoy using, sharing, endorsing, and returning to,” says FastCo’s Ted Booth. People use an app “because it provides a tangible value, real utility, and great content,” Booth explains. By contrast, an app with boring content or poor design will do little more than irritate consumers.

To create a positive user experience, focus must shift from the brand to the consumer. Lynn Teo, Chief Experience Officer for the ad agency McCann-Erickson, explains, “It’s about understanding people. Having a deep empathy for what matters to them, and then translating that need into some kind of tangible finding.” That finding serves as the foundation upon which the user experience is constructed.

When Blanco Vista asked us to overhaul their website, we discovered that visitors were having trouble locating important information. We made it our number one priority to make Blanco Vista’s content more navigable. Our streamlining of the site’s design transformed the website into a purposeful tool that directed homebuyers to floor plans and realtors to the incentive program.

Whether you’re new to the digital scene or you’re looking for a revamp of your existing media, let us show you how Screamer Co. can give your consumers a rewarding user experience that will bring them back again and again.


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