There’s an App for That

Thanks to new mobile technology, the number of ways businesses can reach consumers is multiplying. As more people (especially younger segments of the population) shift their attention towards mobile devices in lieu of traditional technology, businesses must adapt to reach their target audience.

Entering the mobile app market can be challenging. According to the Guardian’s Stuart Dredge, there are over 1 million apps in each of the Apple and Google app stores. Cutting through the clutter requires standing out with an innovative function and a good user experience. For example, Hilton is currently developing mobile technology that will allow hotel guests’ smartphones to double as room keys, according to Entrepreneur’s Geoff Weiss. After research revealed that increasing numbers of hotel guests were making reservations via mobile devices, Hilton decided to create a tool that would increase their brand’s mobile presence for its consumers.

Whereas advertising used to be about reaching into consumers’ lives with propaganda, mobile apps put the power in the hands of the consumer to willingly approach your brand every time they decide your app will benefit them. If you can develop a useful app that consumers are inclined to use, you have what is essentially an open channel to reach your consumers whenever they pick up their mobile device.

In 2013, Xenex approached Screamer Co. to develop an engaging way for their hospital UV disinfecting robot to stand out at the Kaiser Permanente Imaginarium conference. As a solution, Screamer Co. created an iPad entertainment app that introduced the benefits of Xenex’s robot in the form of a game. After the conference, Xenex sales increased and the app won gold at the Healthcare Advertising Awards.

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