Getting To Where You Want To Go

From strategy to execution, developing great advertising can be a complicated and troublesome task without the right process. We’re not wander-through-the-forest types. We like solid milestones, and we know you do too. That’s why our process allows us to establish goals and objectives with you early on and establish the metrics for success. Our process also helps your company schedule and budget effectively and lets you know exactly where we are with your project at all times. And though we’re your guides, we also like collaboration, so you feel complete ownership every step of the way.

1. Discovery

From running focus groups to developing best customer profiles, this is where we dive deep into your brand and hone in on opportunities. We can pinpoint exactly where your potential customers are, share discoveries about your current clientele, or gather data about new markets. When possible, we also conduct experiential research, where we interact with your brand (or your competitor’s) first-hand. The result? No more guesswork: our research provides you hard and fast information about your customers’ behavior. The benefit: Solid data that helps you make decisions.

2. Plan

The planning stage builds on our research to create a brand roadmap. Now that we’ve identified opportunities, we’ll put together an in-depth strategy that defines our metrics for success and lays out the steps to get there. With an itinerary in place, you can rest easy knowing exactly what our team is working on when. The benefit: A timeline that allows you to track progress and budget effectively.

3. Build

Our creative team puts together the brand building blocks. Here, we generate logos, slogans, photography and more, then sit down with you to select exactly the right elements to express your goals. The benefit: Ideas that turn into compelling content.

4. Implement

We have lift-off: your brand initiative is launched, with careful attention to detail. Here, we monitor each component to make sure all are functioning as they should, checking in at regular intervals to ensure everything is firing on all four cylinders. The benefit: Activation and monitoring of the plan.

5. Report

We watch your brand move in the world, reporting regularly on progress and opportunities. We also return to the key metrics we established during our planning stage, making sure we’ve hit our goals. Our observations give you a steady stream of insight, showing you exactly where to optimize and how to navigate market forces going forward. The benefit: Insights into your brand’s performance.