Xenex Disinfection Services develops and manufactures UV systems used to sterilize hospital rooms. This patented technology uses pulsed UV light and is dramatically more effective and efficient than competitors or traditional chemical cleaning methods.

As a start-up, the company established a nationwide sales effort targeting large hospital networks and reached out to us to help them expand their brand and increase sales.

Despite a well-trained and experienced sales team, Xenex struggled to properly communicate the highly technical nature of the product and the benefits of their Xenon-based system to mid-level managers. In addition, competitors were more than happy to downplay the Xenex system’s benefits and highlight the high price of the unit. This gap in technical knowledge, coupled with pressure from competitors, led to frustration throughout the organization as they struggled to move from a start-up company to a phase of rapid growth.

To get started, key members of our team participated in a 3-day sales training orientation with new Xenex hires. We immediately understood that the sales teams were being trained on the technical aspects and features of the device, rather than benefits to patients and hospitals. In addition, discussion with the Xenex team revealed an inability of sales staff to reach decision-makers.

With this newfound understanding, we developed a marketing strategy that targeted C-level executives (CEO, CFO, COO, CNO) of hospital networks with poor ratings for Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs). The messaging addressed pain points unique to their respective functions: ensuring patient safety, yielding optimal cost benefits, and improving the speed of patient turnaround. Lastly, to target “hot” prospects and stand out from the marketing clutter, we developed direct mail pieces with integrated video players that provided an overview of the device’s benefits.