RideScout Brand Activation reached over 750,000 organic impressions

RideScout is a transportation technology company that aggregates public, private, and social rideshare options in one convenient application, allowing people to search and compare transportation options in real time based on type, cost, and travel time. While they are based in Austin, RideScout provides transportation options in over 70 major North American cities.

RideScout came to Screamer Co. in early February looking for a partner to help launch a brand activation during SXSW 2015. With a little less than six weeks before the start of SXSW, and long after permit availability and consideration had closed, we were faced with creating an installation that adhered to the festival’s strict promotional policies while still accomplishing RideScout’s goals of increasing brand awareness and encouraging social engagement.

At Screamer Co., we started by fully submerging ourselves into the application that is RideScout. We wanted to develop an intimate understanding of the interface of the application and how users interact with it. Once we understood how the app worked, we sought a solution that would allow people to engage with the brand and encourage them to share their experience on social media. We wanted something that expressed the hometown-like familiarity with local transportation options that RideScout provides, giving its users the ability to “Ride Like a Local,” or someone who has a well-established knowledge of a city and its public transportation options. What we came up with was an anamorphic art installation of a jackalope that made it appear as though that those interacting with it were riding it.

The result was a dynamic campaign that effectively engaged the public, encouraged brand interaction and recognition, and raising awareness of the organization. Over the course of five days, the installation, bearing the #ridelocalsxsw, received over organic 750,000 impressions and was shared over 1,700 times. The activation not only attracted the general public, but also engaged upcoming pop star D’Lannie Brown, NBC’s Parenthood star Max Burkholder, and J. Walter Thompson London’s Social Media Director Toby Chishick, who named it one of the “5 cool things at SXSW” in an article written for The Drum.