Breed & Co.

In 1970, a small hardware store adjacent to the University of Texas campus was purchased by Truman and Ann Breed. Today, more than 40 years later, Breed & Co. has expanded to two locations and prides itself on providing remarkable customer service. While hardware is still a big part of the experience, their collection of products now includes some of the finest tableware, kitchenware, garden, and seasonal décor you’ll find anywhere.

Founded more than 40 years ago, Breed & Co.’s brand was outdated and didn’t effectively capture the store’s unique selling proposition, ‘All you need is Breed.’ From hand tools to hand mixers, the stores offered a broad range of products for both men and women, but with a primary audience between the ages of 45-55, Breed & Co. needed a contemporary brand to expand their appeal to a younger audience while retaining their existing customers.

We took Breed & Co. through an extensive brand evaluation process. Starting with a review of past marketing efforts and an assessment of the competitive landscape, the evaluation ended with us trading in office attire for aprons. That’s right. We took shifts at the counter, worked in shipping, stocked shelves, carried out bags, and talked with customers. Between the research results and the ‘walk-in-their-shoes’ insight, we truly got to know the brand and were able to develop a strategy to communicate and revitalize the company’s essence.

From print ads to their website, we revamped every component and made sure to keep things friendly, contemporary, and real. Under the new strategy, campaigns were built to increase brand awareness, drive product sales, and increase attendance at in-store events. In addition, we implemented a revenue tracking system so sales could be tied directly to individual marketing efforts cumulatively over the year. A customer database was also created for use in future marketing efforts, transitioning Breed & Co.’s brand into a contemporary era while retaining the qualities (and customers) that earned them their positive reputation.