The Austin Chamber has been a true advocate for the city: building a stronger community, giving a voice to business leaders, and working diligently toward solving Austin’s biggest challenges. If an issue is important to Austin and its citizens, the Chamber is involved in some capacity. This type of diverse activity provides multiple opportunities for Austin’s business leaders to network, learn about technology, connect to talent/services, and grow their businesses. In addition, the Chamber’s Economic Development team manages inbound leads from a multitude of companies wanting to relocate to Austin and take advantage of the city and state’s pro-business culture.

While the Austin Chamber’s diverse services and programs provided opportunities for business leaders, they had also created internal and external brand confusion. The brand was so fragmented that when members, business leaders, staff, the executive team, and the board were surveyed they all had different ideas of what the Chamber stood for.

Additionally, the Chamber had no system of qualifying inbound leads or prospecting for outbound ones. Leadership needed to focus resources on qualified leads and establish an effective outbound strategy.

To bring clarity to the Austin Chamber brand, we took their team through our JumpStart branding process to organize and narrow stakeholders’ thoughts into a single, succinct message. This provided them with a brand strategy that resulted in clearer communication, a new positioning statement, and concise talking points for board members and staff. To help ensure consistency in the new message platform, Q&A flashcards were distributed to all staff and board members.

For the new economic development lead generation platform, we used best customer profiling methodologies to identify key characteristics of companies most likely to relocate to Austin. We also developed a program to score and rank inbound leads so the economic development team knew what companies to pursue and how to message them. These initiatives gave their team a leg-up on courting prospects to relocate to Austin.