Planning For Success

When it comes to producing good advertising, content is king. By that analogy, media planning is content’s knight in shining armor. An ad campaign’s success hinges on selecting the best possible media platforms to reach the target audience.

At its core, media planning involves the careful process of selecting the most suitable media types (television, billboards, social media, etc.) to produce ad content. In addition to this, media planners must also choose the best geographic locations and timing for media real estate that will reach the most people in the target audience. When an ad campaign is displayed through media channels that are fitting of the content and most accessible to consumers, a campaign will have a stronger reach and better results.

Advertisers are realizing more and more the value of the digital market. According to AdAge’s Darren Herman, the growth in consumer use of mobile devices is providing businesses with location-specific data including geographic coordinates, providing clear clues as to which locations are more effective for ad placements. “With this new data asset,” says Herman, “marketers can give the context of location an increased role within the whole media planning and buying process.”

Here at Screamer Co., our media planners make full use of consumer research and segmentation data to ensure media plans are designed to reach the correct audience in the most effective manner possible. We also work hard to make sure all media buys are done at the best possible price, so that we keep your costs low.

When University Federal Credit Union (UFCU) asked for our help, our media planners sifted through the extensive research we collected on UFCU’s consumer segments to come up with a full spectrum of media choices to reach the target audience. Our detailed research on UFCU produced a campaign complete with print, collateral, landing pages, banner ads, e-blasts, and AdWords.

Advertising is at its best when it is supported by a comprehensive media plan. We can help you discover the best media types to reach the consumers you seek.


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