Mobile: Smart Phones Require Smarter Advertising

Everyone loves a juicy statistic, so here’s a few to satisfy your curiosity about mobile devices and how they are affecting the world of marketing and advertising: nationally, adults consume nearly 25% of information via mobile devices; globally, over 17.4% of web traffic occurs through mobile. Mobile devices are on the fast track to generating more advertising revenue within 10 years of existence than newspaper and radio have in the past 100. The Annual Entertainment and Media Outlook study by PricewaterhouseCoopers forecasts 22.1% yearly growth for mobile advertising from now through 2018. This growth places the mobile platform to generate almost a quarter of a billion dollars in advertising spending.

This growth can be attributed to the benefits of targeting consumers wherever they go. Businesses must prepare to engage customers’ interests in the mobile sphere and anticipate web traffic from phones and tablets, not just computers. Different platforms require modified approaches, and un-optimized advertisements mean countless missed opportunities. This is why it is important to design all display ads with a backup for mobile, since mobile devices are unable to run flash animation. Screamer Co. has worked closely with numerous clients like Dell Children’s Medical Center, Discovery Clinical Trials, Blanco Vista, MindEcology, and Xenex to optimize digital display ads to help reach their target audience just as effectively with static and animated GIF ads when accessed by mobile devices.

A major trend in effective mobile advertising is geo-targeting, a method of delivering content to potential leads in a specific geographic area, or a geo-fence. For example, when walking within close proximity of a local eatery, a person may see targeted display or pre-roll ads. This technique is effective, and promotional deals are welcomed and utilized by many customers. The adverse side is some view this method as an invasion of privacy. Many inherently feel uneasy about geo-locating devices in their phone. Accessing such delicate information to sell services or products seems exploitive.

This presents an interesting issue for those wanting to get the most out of mobile advertising. If done correctly, geo-targeting can prove to be helpful, but advertisers should consider how their content will be received.
If you are interested in making sure your advertisements don’t go unnoticed on mobile devices, Screamer Co. can get you in on this growing trend with proper implementation.


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