Messaging: The Foundation of Brand Building

Effective messaging could mean the difference between a detached customer and a potential loyal advocate for your business. In today’s market, every business is vying for the attention of the public. Having a superior product or service is not enough to be successful if nobody knows or cares to take notice.

A well-curated message is essential to brand building, marketing strategies, and creative advertising. It not only aids in personifying a company, but it helps reach the best target audience. While all consumers are looking for a company that can fulfill their needs, many are also looking for a brand that shares their values and understands their lifestyle. The most important thing you can learn about your brand is this: branding is not only about the logo, color palette, and typography. It’s about your customers and how you want your brand to be perceived by them. That’s where messaging comes in.

Grab Them by the Ears (and Eyes)!
As you are creating a brand message, first decide on what story you are trying to tell.
Succinctly communicating your organization’s purpose and benefit is the first step to building a solid brand foundation. In essence, you are giving life to a brand and making it more engaging and personable. It should be sincere and honest; if you cannot buy into it, your consumers won’t either!

Side note: When it comes to slogans and tag lines, remember that less is more. A concise phrase or sentence can easily and quickly be recalled in a consumer’s mind when a need arises.

Find a Voice
Your messaging should be unique and consistent in tone and voice, as it will further help in building your brand, personifying your brand, and targeting your audience.

As an advertising agency specializing in brand building, deciding on how to message our client’s audience is crucial. When delivering messaging for Dell Children’s Medical Center, we began with the story: every detail of the facility is 100% devoted to children, right down to their bubble-gum flavored anesthetic. That message had to be conveyed in a way that not only reached parents and caregivers, but gained their trust and confidence. The result? We developed the “We Know How to Treat Kids” tagline and created a TV spot that reinforced the importance of transforming what is typically a scary place into one that exudes warmth and friendliness.

Dell Children’s not only operated at full capacity, but also opened its new wing ahead of schedule to provide care for 46 surrounding counties in Central Texas.

Need help finding your brand’s voice? Let us guide you to a messaging strategy that is just right for your brand.


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