Market Potential: Finding a Place to Grow

When you’re searching for your car keys, you have a strategy: you don’t look in the refrigerator or the shower; you start your search in the places your keys are most likely to be. So goes your business’s market search: you strategically aim for the locations that are most likely to serve your purpose.

Market potential reporting is a predictive modeling technique that Screamer Co. can use to help your business locate the geographic areas that will best serve you. First, we analyze your existing customer base and create models of your ideal consumers. After that, we find the geographic region or radius where people who exemplify those model characteristics are most likely to be found. Then we use the results to craft strategies that target the most promising areas and consumers.

This is especially helpful when it comes to things like direct mail marketing and retail space location, when you want to select the area that will get the most traffic to your store or the greatest response to your ads. For example, when University Federal Credit Union (UFCU) approached us, it was clear they were skilled at reaching students, but they needed assistance expanding their market base. Screamer Co. helped them hone in on their new audience, health practitioners and administrators, by targeting local hospital networks.

Whether you’re launching a new campaign or looking for a place to set up shop, we can show you how market potential reporting can benefit you.

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