How To Brand a Technology

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How to Brand a Technology - Screamer Co. Branding ProcessEarlier this month during  Austin Startup Week, Screamer Co. hosted a workshop at Capital Factory on How To Brand a Technology. As part of a series on health-focused technology hosted by Health Tech Austin, the #screamteam held a two-part workshop guiding entrepreneurs and industry professionals through a step-by-step branding process. Screamer Co. was represented by Founder and Creative Director Scott Creamer, and Ashley Jones, Director of Account Services at Screamer Co. We were joined by Amy Dowell, a friend of Screamer Co. and Associate Partner, EVP Strategy at HCB+. Focusing on the complete rebranding of OsteoCentric (previously known as SMV Scientific), we detailed how to create an effective brand strategy through research, creative strategy and the development of a brand persona. These research and strategy designing activities form the bases of the brand’s visual language, brand voice, and all the other elements that serve as touch points with customers. How To Brand a Technology Workshop at Austin Startup Week 2018 Research  Research and strategy are two initial phases of a branding project that happens behind the scenes. This may be the part people want to skip, saying it’s not that important and not as fun or sexy as the naming, typography and colors, and creating the content, but it is absolutely vital and important. Strategy We look at strategy as making tough choices. You have to make a choice about who’s your target audience? What’s your distribution model? How are you going to price it? All the different kinds of strategies – pricing strategy, distribution strategy, etc. It’s all about making tough choices about your brand. And you have to make tough choices because you have limited resources. Always. Whether you’re a startup or a multi-million dollar company, you’re always going to have limits on time, people and money.How To Brand a Technology Austin Startup Week Elements This is the build phase of the branding process – creating the elements that go outbound. In this particular case, that meant naming the company and the technology. Then we went through a visual language development process. Execution Just because you’re a technology doesn’t mean you have to use a techy looking font – that might be too stereotypical and not what you want. But think about that brand and its personality, think about the messaging and positioning that you’ve already created and documented. Everything we do visually we are going to filter through that well-documented brand that we did in the Research and Strategy phase and make sure it’s “on brand”. Launch If you’re a new technology, the next IT tech, you can not look and feel like everyone else. Make sure you stand out! Q: What’s a good time to change your name and does that mean you should change your branding, too? It’s going to be unique to each startup and organization. To answer that we would first have to ask why you want to change your name? From that we would be able to assess maybe it’s best to change everything, or, for now, it is just your name you need to change and here’s why. How To Brand a Technology Austin Startup Week The best would be to change your name or brand well before you’re going to start spending on marketing. The minute you start spending money on Brand X and then you change the name, a lot of the brand equity – the name, the logo, the look will change the brand significantly and a lot of the marketing dollars you’ve already invested won’t completely be wasted, but they’re not as well-used as they could have been. Ideally, you should change your name (and everything else, if need be) about 6 months before you spend any kind of marketing dollars.  ]]>