Dogs + Technology: A Screamer Co. Brand-storm

By April 4, 2013 No Comments

On March 21st we helped our client, Brookfield Residential host the Greater Austin HBA Crawfish Boil at Blanco Vista, one of their master-planned communities. As both planners and sponsors for the event, we wanted to leave a lasting impression. An ad agency with a sponsorship booth? We had to figure out a way to show the attendees just what we do. Ultimately, we decided that we would highlight our branding abilities. We would brainstorm, concept and develop a brand on the spot. The challenge: Develop a company concept, name and logo based on two random words. The two words that we picked out of the hat were “dog“ and “technology.” From there we made a word association list with the help of Crawfish Boil attendees. From our list, we started thinking about what these brands would do. After deliberating with our team and the crowd that had gathered around our table, we had  two favorite ideas: a doggy collar that works as a WiFi transmitter and an app that translates what your dog is saying. With our two brands, we had to develop logos that fit the product, message and mood. Kevin and Matt scribbled furiously trying to figure out the right design. The last part was coming up with a name. For the WiFi dog collar, we called it “Spot” and for the dog translator, the app is called “Mutter.” Back in the office we mocked up final proofs of our new logos. What do you think?              We love doing these fun branding projects. They’re a great ways to keep your creative brain working, even if they’re just hypothetical. We had an excellent time at the event and are very proud about how the Crawfish Boil turned out.  Thanks to all who came, and especially those who helped with the brand-storm. We’re currently looking for investors for Spot and Mutter, so let us know if you’re interested.    ]]>