Display Ads: Click to Find Out More

Grabbing consumers’ attention is becoming an increasingly digital endeavor. Since people spend a big chunk of their time online, digital advertising is full of potential, but consumers are skilled in blocking and ignoring ad clutter. Since the Internet allows display ads and content to exist side-by-side, consumers have the ability to view content without having to look at ads. This means looking at ads is a choice, and clicking on an ad is a conscious decision. The positive of this conundrum is that when a consumer chooses to click a display ad, they’ve already made a choice to be open to the message conveyed in the ad. Therefore, the more challenging and critical step of the process is getting consumers to make the decision to click.

We’ve learned that display ads have to be diverting and compelling in order to receive clicks. According to eMarketer, “the focus will continue to shift from standard display ad units to more dynamic, engaging ad units.” The display ads that succeed in pulling in consumers will be those marked by richer content.

To create effective display ads, our creative team thoughtfully designs ads to capture consumers’ attention, and our media team meticulously identifies the web placements that will best reach the target audience. When we created display ads for University Federal Credit Union (UFCU), we crafted an eye-catching animation of a smartphone that spoke to the accessibility of UFCU’s services. We also purposefully chose an uncommon ad size, 300×600, because it provided a space that didn’t compete with other ad clutter. Thanks to exceptional placement and design, our ads received an above-average click-through rate.

If you’re looking to boost your advertising results through creative, effective online display ads, let us show you what we can do for your business.



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