Direct Response Marketing: Getting Consumers to Talk Back

Businesses don’t always have available expenditure to cast a wide net when it comes to advertising. Instead of running an expensive mass marketing campaign, sometimes the best opportunity can come from direct response marketing—the equivalent of casting a fishing line, hooking, and reeling in consumers one by one.

Direct response marketing is a campaign technique designed to target a specific segment with the intention of generating an immediate response. For example, each campaign includes a response mechanism, such as a coupon, survey, link to click, or phone number.

Since this type of advertising involves a call to action, the business is able to measure the efficacy of the campaign. This provides the business with trackable analytics on the views or purchases generated by the ads.

In the growing digital market, according to AdAge’s Mark Bergen, money that businesses originally would have spent on online branding campaigns is now being redirected to online direct response campaigns. In fact, when compared to online branding spending, direct response now accounts for 59.1% of digital ad spending in 2014 so far.

Screamer Co. has broad direct response marketing experience both in digital and traditional forms of advertising. In our work for Xenex’s disinfecting robot, we sent an informational mailer embedded with a pre-programmed video player to top hospital executives and CEOs. Beneath the video screen was a call to action consisting of a landing page and phone number, which received enough response to generate substantial new business for Xenex.

No matter your target audience, media type, or budget, let us show you how we can design a direct response campaign to meet your needs.



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