Branding From The Inside Out

Branding is commonly thought of as the business-equivalent of curb appeal. Logos and colors provide a surface snapshot of a brand like the paint color on a house. Yet branding begins deep in the interior of a business. While a brand needs curb appeal, it’s irrelevant unless the business understands its purpose internally, and communicates that purpose at every opportunity.

When we say “purpose,” we’re not asking for the simple answer of, “We bake bread.” We mean the deep truth of why you believed the world needed another bakery. What about your brand makes you different? Better? Necessary?

This purpose is the cornerstone of your branding, but there are many steps from here to the brand personality you show consumers, such as positioning, audience targeting, and messaging. Within that mix you find the logo, colors, product name, and typeface, but you also find the deeper, emotional elements that create a connection between your brand and your consumer. All of these components are developed through brand consulting.

One recent branding trend is putting additional focus on consumers. According to Forbes’ Robert Passikoff, brands need to be “known for something meaningful and important to consumers.” Competitive businesses are fighting to embody values in their brands that tug at consumer emotions, forming a humanized relationship that invokes loyalty. The more large companies merge and shed their local roots, the more pervasive this branding strategy becomes.

Fundamental to creating connections with consumers is developing consistent branding. Without consistency, consumers can’t derive the value of a brand. Many times we consult for businesses that have fractured branding: they use different messaging at different times, trying to convey too much at once. The result is mixed messaging and consumer confusion.

Here at Screamer Co., we understand the complex process of branding, and we’re ready to help you turn an internal lens on your brand. Our brand consultants want to help you understand your brand’s purpose—why you’re important in your market—and communicate that value in everything you do. We want to help you decide how your business will act, communicate, and respond in every situation, giving you a unified front at every instance of internal communication and consumer interaction.

When we began our brand consultation with the Greater Austin Chamber, we took a hard look at their positioning and messaging internally. It seemed like everyone had a different perception of what the Chamber did, so we created an internal strategy that got everyone on the same page regarding what the Austin Chamber brand meant and what the messaging said. Now, Greater Austin Chamber has clear, cohesive branding.

Whether you’re a large company looking to give yourself a new face, or a small business crafting your personality for the first time, let us show you how your brand can work for you.


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