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When you ask people which ad they remember most, chances are they’ll name a TV ad. Despite the multitude of other forms of media, not to mention the massive shift in media culture to digital, people still connect with TV ads. According to one study by Venables Bell and Partners, as many as 78% of Super Bowl viewers look forward to commercials more than the game itself.

Despite the growth of digital advertising, traditional forms of media advertising still proliferate for the sake of convenience. It’s easy to measure and reach a particular target demographic by choosing the time of day and channels you decide to air your commercial. Plus, producing TV spots gives you the choice in what the viewer sees and hears, whereas online advertising leaves much more control in the hands of the consumer: they only see what they choose to click or stumble upon by chance.

The love for TV even crosses the digital threshold. According to AdWeek, Volvo’s Star Wars commercial was, up until recently, the most-shared ad on the internet, living as a “viral video.” Advertising is also becoming adept at bridging the gap between traditional and newer media forms by extending story arcs across channels, for example, ending a commercial with the line “see what happens next at www…” or “for more tips, visit www….”

TV’s older sibling, radio, provides a similarly convenient yet much cheaper alternative to TV due to its audio-only capabilities and smaller audience. Yet radio reaches an intensely loyal and highly segmented crowd of commuters, which leads to a high rate of frequency for reaching your target population. And like TV spots, radio commercials are finding their way to the internet, too, thanks to streaming music networks such as Spotify and Pandora.

At Screamer Co., we have the experience needed to produce TV and radio spots to fit your budget. Our creative team has written award-winning radio scripts and knows how to tailor TV and radio messages to best reach your target audience. When Dell Children’s Hospital approached us for a TV commercial, we produced the heartwarming “We Know How to Treat Kids” campaign about the hospital being tailored to children, from the equipment to the staff’s positive demeanor. By demonstrating Dell Children’s understanding of how to treat kids both in terms of technology and attitude, Screamer Co. helped the hospital fill its capacity.

If you’re interested in the benefits TV and radio advertising can offer your business, let us show you what we can do for you.


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