Ambient: Anywhere, Anytime, Any Size

Consumers are becoming smarter everyday. This is both good and bad for advertising professionals. On one hand, it makes finding a medium to reach the consumer that much harder. But on the other, it has given advertisers the license to explore the deepest reaches of their imaginations and implement creative that’s sure to be seen and create buzz at the same time. Whether it’s in an ad in bathroom stall, embedded in the bar at your favorite after work hangout spot, or literally spilling onto a crowded street, ambient advertising is seen, and sometimes felt, almost everywhere.

Ambient advertising is a form of outdoor advertising customized to a specific
environment, activity, or streetscape object. What defines an ambient media advertising initiative is the customization and contextual placement of the installation. An ambient ad doesn’t have to be placed outside and encompasses multiple different areas of advertising. These areas include:

– Guerilla- low-cost, unconventional means used in a localized fashion to draw attention to an idea, product, or service

– Alternative- outlets that do not fall under the standard definitions of broadcast, electronic, outdoor, print, or transit media

– Nontraditional- often involves utilizing an unusual or uncommon advertising space or method

It is important to note that ambient advertising is always customized to an environment, object or situation. The key to a successful ambient media campaign is to communicate a simple message in the most expressive way. These executions often make someone think about a product, place, or service differently.

The aim of most creative ambient advertising activations are to standout in city environments and drive consumer engagement and social media interaction through cleverness and creativity. The best ambient advertising initiatives leverage a brand-advertising theme, positioning, and/or message as the basis for developing an advertising concept.

A common trend we see in ambient advertising is taking an object and scaling it larger or smaller than the actual object. When we see something is either abnormally large or small, we can’t help but stop and take a gander. It’s a great way to raise curiosity and get the consumer to further engage with the advertisement. Consumers are beginning to spend less and less time in their homes meaning there is less time to read over the newspaper or watch television. Ambient advertising is economical, it goes on all the time, and it is more effective than other forms of traditional advertising.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s not just about placing something unusual outside. Ambient media can be found anywhere. Here you can see Bounty’s take on an ambient installation highlighting Bounty’s ability to tackle big messes by playing with scale.

Ambient advertising has no bounds. It can be shocking, surprising, somber, or humorous. It can be found anywhere and everywhere. With the continuing expansion of media, media-planners are constantly searching for new ways to look at outdoor advertising. As television and print media prices continue to rise, finding new and creative ways to present the message at an affordable cost is a must. Ambient advertising is a new, and innovative, medium that has the ability to consistently capture audiences out of the home.

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