3 Must-Knows To Creating A Direct Marketing Strategy

Direct marketing was introduced in the late 1800’s and was held in high esteem by great advertisers like John Caples, Claude C. Hopkins, and David Ogilvy. While these “Mad Men” may have found their way into advertising history, their success was rooted in the principles of direct marketing.

The beauty of direct marketing strategies is that they never lose sight of the ultimate purpose of marketing and advertising – to sell something. Direct marketing is designed to generate immediate action from your customers, which can be measured, quantified, and used to build stronger strategies moving forward.

If you’re considering direct marketing to enhance your marketing strategy, keep these key points in mind:

1. Time is money. Don’t squander it.
The first step to creating a direct marketing strategy is to determine the end goal. Are you aiming for increased sales, mailing list recipients, or new clientele?

Next, identify your target by building customer profiles. Customer profiles provide in-depth information on high quality leads, reducing time and money spent on people who are unlikely to be engaged.

2. Creative advertising means results, not entertainment.
David Ogilvy once proclaimed, “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.” Creativity should never trump persuasiveness to act. Give the consumer valuable information that will persuade, remind, and prompt a response.

3. Always Test
Before launching an ad campaign, it is important to test it. Keep in mind, your customers and competitors are changing everyday and you have to keep up. Claude Hopkins said it best: “Good selling is based on good testing.”

The testing process is similar to qualitative and quantitative research: a statistically proportionate sample size of customers that represents your target is selected to receive direct marketing materials. Based on the test group’s responsiveness, the success or failure of the strategy can be forecasted and adjusted accordingly before its launch.

Continue testing after your direct marketing strategy rolls out. How are your promotions affecting current and new customers? Are you cannibalizing revenue from other parts of your business with new initiatives? What does the response rate say and mean?
Don’t let this information collect dust in your data’s archives; use it to your advantage to continuously improve.

If you’re looking for guidance, Screamer Co. has the expertise and insight to build a comprehensive direct marketing strategy from scratch, or to improve upon a previously implemented one.

Direct marketing is a tried and trusted way of receiving results. Whether those results are positive or negative, there are opportunities to improve your marketing strategy.






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