Post. Tweet. Repeat.

Social media has come a long way since its inception in 2003. In ten years, the social scene has exploded, and websites like Facebook and Twitter have turned into communication empires that not only link individuals and communities but also businesses and consumers.

When it comes to reaching consumers online, social networks serve as a well-stocked pond. Social giant Facebook boasts over 800 million daily active users and increasingly popular Twitter hosts over 255 million monthly active users. Even younger social networks can catch fire quickly: Pinterest acquired 70 million users in under four years.

Methods of reaching consumers via social media vary by social network. In general, businesses can create a profile and interact with consumers directly, or they can purchase ads that will display on users’ interfaces.

Now that most consumers are at least familiar with social media, the key to hooking them is increasingly about the bait. While Social Media Examiner revealed a growing trend wherein 57% of marketers purchased social media ads in 2013, other trend reports indicate businesses are leveraging personalized experiences for consumers. Harvard Business Review’s Richard Ting suggests brands will have an advantage if they “engage with their most influential customers in a personalized way.” According to Ting, that means interacting with them in real time and creating actual dialogue instead of canned language.

Screamer Co. has plenty of experience when it comes to creating an online social presence. When Blanco Vista, a master-planned community, needed a social media boost, we crafted a strategy to engage current residents. In addition to posting community content about upcoming events, we also interacted directly with residents. Online contests, such as a Halloween costume competition, received fantastic responses and helped forge a stronger tie between Blanco Vista and its denizens.

Whether your business has an existing social presence or you’re brand new to social media, let us show you what social media can do for you.


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